We are a company that sells health care drugs, products and health care services for hospital use at a domestic and international level. Our clients are professionals in the health care field. As a company we have a clear vocation to improve the quality of life of people, always through a strategy of innovation, new product development and the incorporation of innovations that improve the daily practice of health care professionals.


Being a competitive company in the health care sector at a domestic and international level, which seeks sustainable and profitable growth that generates the trust and satisfaction of our clients. We aim to develop a broad, competitive and innovative portfolio in anesthesia; to develop, distribute and provide reference products and services in the field of disinfection and being a company committed to innovation in the implementation of new products and treatments in the field of urology and regenerative medicine.


We must continue to build a work team committed to the company and the values of the Inibsa Group. We want to make efficiency into our need, innovation and the generation of knowledge into our challenge and teamwork into our main strength.