Awarding of the “Nobecutan® Nursing Prizes 2014”

Awarding of the “Nobecutan® Nursing Prizes 2014”

Inibsa Hospital, with the collaboration of ROL Nursing Magazine, this Friday the 28th of November, awarded the 2014 Nobecutan® prizes for Nursing, in their fifth edition.

This year, the first prize, of € 2,000, was awarded for the research paper “Decrease in the appearance of dehiscence and other complications in the management of peripheral venous passageways in the postoperative of hepatobiliary and vascular surgery by means of Nobecutan ® spray”, performed by a team of 11 professionals of Nursing of the Miguel Servet University Hospital of Saragossa, led by the nurse Isabel Antolín Asencio.

The authors, after a study of 24 patients treated with Nobecutan®, and 24 patients treated with Chlorhexidine, have concluded that: “when performing the care in the area of insertion of peripheral venous catheters, Nobecutan® is a product that helps reduce the number of changes of catheter during the insert, as well as decreasing dehiscence of the insertion point.

The second prize, of € 1,500 euros, was awarded for the research study titled “Effectiveness of the aerosol plastic dressing in the reduction of pain associated with perineal trauma following vaginal birth”, carried out by 6 professional Nurses and Midwives of the Alcorcón Hospital Foundation in Madrid, directed by the midwife Emilio José Becerra Maya.

The research selected a sample of 102 women and the findings suggest that the application of the spray plastic dressing for perineal trauma of vaginal birth immediately after its repair, can help reduce pain in primiparous women within the first 48 postpartum hours.

The event was attended by Isabel Antolín and Susana García, representatives of the award-winning professionals of the Miguel Servet University Hospital of Saragossa and Emilio José Becerra, as the delegate of the team of the Alcorcón Hospital Foundation of Madrid, as well as José García, of ROL Nursing Magazine, the Vice-Chairman of the Inibsa Group, Ramón Roca and the Managing Director of Inibsa Hospital, Narcís Carré.