6th edition of the Nobecutan® Prize for Nursing 2015

6th edition of the Nobecutan® Prize for Nursing 2015

Inibsa Hospital, with the collaboration of ROL Nursing Magazine, open the call for proposals for the 6th edition of the Nobecutan® Nursing Prize 2015.

For years, Inibsa Hospital has been committed to the collective of nurses in the development and implementation of action procedures with the Nobecutan® product in daily clinical practice. For this reason, by means of the Nobecutan® awards, the company promotes and supports all the nursing health care professionals who wish to become involved in the development of new applications for the product.


In this edition, the selected subject for presenting papers is about care procedures in any health care area in which Nobecutan® is applied and to which all nursing professionals residing in Spain, are eligible for the prize. The first prize is of € 2,000 and the second is of € 1,500.

The deadline for submitting the papers is the 31st of October 2015. The jury, comprised of nursing professionals appointed by Inibsa Hospital and ROL Nursing Magazine, will decide the winners during the month of October of this year.

To participate, the papers must be sent to Beforehand, it is recommended to review the rules of the award.