Specialists in solutions to cover and protect superficial wounds, reinforce bandages and fix pathways


Spray plastic dressing.

Therapeutic indications

Covering of surface or surgical wounds, clean and dry, forming a thin, adhesive, elastic and transparent film.

Covering of scrapes, first and second degree burns and insect bites.

It can be used to reinforce the regular dressing by spraying on each layer.

Indicated in dermatology, paediatrics, post-operative, vaccinations, fistulas and punctures.


  • Transparent: it allows for the examination of the wound without risk of contamination.
  • Elastic:  It forms a thin film on the skin which can be stretched up to nine times its length without breaking.
  • Micro-porous: allows the passage of water vapour and gases, thus preventing skin maceration but it is impervious to water and microorganisms, allowing baths for personal hygiene.

Route of administration

Spray for external use.

How to use

Spray in the desired area from a distance of 15-20 cm.

A better coating is obtained by successive applications, once the first coat has dried.

To assist its removal you can use acetone or ethyl alcohol.


Spray for external use in 250 ml container.

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