Who we are

Inibsa Hospital It is a reference company in the hospital market, which is part of the Inibsa Group. It was started as a business unit of Inibsa Laboratorios, which was founded in 1948 and it was constituted as a company of the Inibsa Group in 2013.

With the restructuring and the constitution of the company as such, it manages to attain better care and service for the client; increase our efficiency and adapt ourselves to the new global situation of the domestic and international markets.

At present, Inibsa Hospital focuses its project on four major areas: urology, anaesthesia and regenerative medicine and also in the marketing of reference Nobecutan® antiseptic dressing in the health care sector.

Our commitment to quality and service is based on compliance with the highest quality and European standards required in our products and thanks to a human team highly involved in the achievement of our objectives.