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In October Inibsa Hospital will attend the most important congresses in anaesthesia, nursing, urology and disinfection

The month of October has been a busy month when it comes to congresses for the Inibsa Hospital company. At the beginning of the month, the company was present at the 21st Annual Meeting of the European Society of Regional Anaesthesia, in Spain, as well as the Congress of the National Association of Nursing Coordinator […]

1st Nursing Congress on the use of chemohyperthermia in the treatment of bladder cancer

The 1st Nursing Congress on chemohyperthermia for bladder cancer was held in Madrid on June 6th with the aim to revise and standardize criteria in the use of Combat BRS, a machine which allows the treatment of bladder cancer through hyperthermia. During the congress, the clinical director Silvia Martínez gave an introductory overview of the […]

According to Dr Palou, hyperthermia will catch on as a common therapy for bladder cancer

On April 17th and 18th Las Palmas held the 30th National Meeting of the Urologic Oncology Society where Inibisa Dental set up a stand and a roundtable discussion on new treatments for bladder cancer. Dr Palou of Puigvert Foundation moderated the discussion and concluded his speech with the conviction that “in the next few months […]

6th edition of the Nobecutan® Prize for Nursing 2015

Inibsa Hospital, with the collaboration of ROL Nursing Magazine, open the call for proposals for the 6th edition of the Nobecutan® Nursing Prize 2015. For years, Inibsa Hospital has been committed to the collective of nurses in the development and implementation of action procedures with the Nobecutan® product in daily clinical practice. For this reason, […]

Awarding of the “Nobecutan® Nursing Prizes 2014”

Inibsa Hospital, with the collaboration of ROL Nursing Magazine, this Friday the 28th of November, awarded the 2014 Nobecutan® prizes for Nursing, in their fifth edition. This year, the first prize, of € 2,000, was awarded for the research paper “Decrease in the appearance of dehiscence and other complications in the management of peripheral venous […]

The techniques of anaesthesia in paediatrics, to be debated at the 12th Congress of SCARTD

On the 6th and 7th of November, the 12th Congress of the Catalan Society of Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Pain Therapeutics (SCARTD) is held, in the municipality of Seva, in the county of Osona, in Catalonia. Inibsa Hospital participates in this congress through the intervention of Dr Giorgio Ivani, of the Regina Marguerita Children’s Hospital of […]

Nobecutan and the Instrunet range are present in the 8th Congress of ANECORM

On the 15th, 16th and 17th of October the city of Murcia hosts the 8th Congress of the National Association of Nursing Coordinator of Material Resources. Inibsa Hospital will be present at this congress by means of a stand which will showcase the product Nobecutan, a spray on plastic dressing with easy application, and the […]

Presentation of a reprint on the Cost-Efficiency of Ropivacaine at the 20th Annual Meeting of ESRA-Spain

At the 20th Annual Meeting of ESRA Spain, held on the 15th, 16th and 17th of October in Valencia, Inibsa Hospital presented the reprint of the article “Echoguided Interscalenus blocking:” Cost-Efficiency analysis, Ropivacaine vs Levobupivacaine, ” published in the Official Journal of the Spanish Association of Major Outpatient Surgery (Vol. 19, No. 2, p. 43-48, […]

Inibsa Hospital present in the National Congress of Urology in Tenerife

Between the 11th and the 14th of June Inibsa Hospital has been present in the 79th National Congress of Urology, in the city of Tenerife, with a stand of the company, where attendees presented the Combat BRS system, a safe and accurate system of hyperthermia with high antitumour effectiveness and which reduces the relative risk […]

Anaesthesia as a means to modulate postoperative cognitive alterations

The Symposium on anaesthesia, surgery, and postoperative cognitive alterations, held on the 28th of May 28 at the Teknon Medical Centre, explored a new line of work in anaesthesiology, on the repercussions that occur in the body after a surgical procedure. Specifically, Dr Pedro L. Gambús, of the Anaesthesiology Service of the Clinical Hospital of […]

New Symposium of anaesthesia, surgery, and postoperative cognitive alterations in Barcelona

The upcoming 28th of May, at 4 pm, Inibsa Hospital presents the Symposium of anaesthesia, surgery and postoperative cognitive alterations, organised by the anaesthesiology services of the Clinical Hospital of Barcelona and the Quiron Teknon Hospital. The Symposium, which will be held at the Teknon Medical Centre of the Quirón Hospital Group, has the aim […]

Manuel Martos, the new Marketing Manager of Inibsa Hospital

Manuel Martos has been appointed as the new Marketing Manager of Inibsa Hospital. Martos has a long and consolidated experience in the pharmaceutical industry in domestic and international companies. He has a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona and has a Master’s degree in Business Administration for the Pharmaceutical and related industries also […]

Inibsa Hospital awards the prizes for nursing of the 20th Congress of the AEER

The 20th Congress of the Spanish Association of respiratory endoscopy and Interventional Pulmonology (AEER) was held in Cartagena on the 9th and 10th of May, in which Inibsa Hospital gave awards for the best nursing papers of the congress. Specifically, the first prize was awarded to nurse Maria José Velasco for the paper “Measurement of […]

Inibsa Hospital collaborates in the hospital campaign of the World Hand Hygiene Day

On the World Hands Hygiene Day, the 5th of May, Inibsa Hospital carried out an awareness campaign on the importance of the antisepsis of hands as a method for preventing infections. Specifically, Inibsa Hospital has distributed in a total of 120 Spanish hospitals, informative material as well as samples of Instrunet GAM and Instrunet LAM, […]

Inibsa Hospital presents the Combat BRS system in the Oncological Urology Congress

On the 28th and 29th of March, Inibsa Hospital was present at the 29TH National Meeting of the Oncological Urology Group, in La Coruña. Inibsa Hospital was one of the 6 stands of laboratories present at the congress and the only specialised in bladder cancer. The company made use of the event to present Combat […]

Inibsa with the Humanisation of Hospitals for children

In keeping with the effort to improve hospital care, Inibsa has sponsored the 6th Edition of the Seminar on the Humanisation of Hospitals for children, which took place at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital on the 27th of September. This event starred hospitalised children and was addressed to health care professionals, psychologists, teachers, social […]

Inibsa Hospital launches the first four enzyme detergent

Inibsa Hospital has launched the new Instrunet EZ+T Plus onto the market, the first and only detergent for clinical instruments on the domestic market that contains 4 enzymes – among these, cellulase, which inhibits the formation of biofilm, eliminates undigested gastrointestinal remains and works in synergy with the other 3 enzymes by multiplying their effectiveness-. […]